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The front of the card has a black and white photograph with women sitting on chairs with covers on the sand. All the women are fully dressed and three of the women are using shovel to dig. Behind the women there is a hill with a hotel at the top of…

This is an image of Moose Hall, a building in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. The building seems to have a mixture between European (Parisian) and New England architecture. There is a large sign above one window that says: "Moose".

This postcard shows the in-progress construction of the Crazy Horse mountain memorial in South Dakota. Brownish-colored dirt, and an unfinished facial statue can be seen on the left side of the postcard. On the bottom left, a scale sized model of…

This post card depicts a piece of paper with the words, "Birthday Greeting" printed on it, surrounded by lace with a gold border, an envelope, and purple flowers.

This postcard depicts an aerial view of the community of Tavernier, which is located along the Florida Keys. The community is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on both sides, and the main highway runs through the center.

Several homes or rooms behind the "Arden Court" sign. There are palm trees at the forefront.

A hotel stretched on the corner of a street. The hotel building also has a few other businesses on the first level.

On this postcard is a picture of an island. On the island is a building and trees. There are boats on the water. There are mountains in the background.
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