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This postcard depicts a painting of a pink flower with a green center. Underneath the flower is a poem. The postcard itself is tattered, missing a large part of one corner and a little bit of another corner.
This postcard shows a black and white photo of the main building of the Western Kansas State Normal in Hays, Kansas. Small trees dot the large yard in front of the building.
This postcard show two very fluffy cats sitting side by side in a picture.
This postcard shows Brooks Motel in the daytime.
A woman sits posing with a violin. She looks like she is playing the violin.
A man and woman dressed finely and holding hands walk through the trees near a river. The woman holds an armful of flowers and the man holds the woman's frilly umbrella. beneath the scene of the man and woman, there are lyrics from a song written in…
Two women pose for a photograph with a backdrop of a terrace and curtains behind them. One sits in a chair and one stands with her hand on the other's shoulder. Both wear simple black or grey skirts with a white blouse.
This postcard shows a an orange and yellow view of the sunset and ocean through a group of shadowed palm trees.
A small golden border with two bundles of purple flowers sits in front of a light colored wood background. In the gold border is the portrait of a well dressed woman with a fancy floral hat.
Several purple and yellow flowers adorn the card with their leaves trailing behind them.
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