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Pictured is various logs on the ground each in different positions. One log is broken and the pieces can be seen scattered amongst the others. in the distance we see clear blue skies, hills, and dirt.

A beautiful view of the sunken gardens with two woman amongst the vivid red flowers and tall trees.

Illustrated is a pathway with big, tall trees and exotic red and green flowers in the garden.

Myrtle Beach is sprawled against the postcard in big letters with each letter illustrating a place that represents Myrtle Beach tourist attractions such as the beach, pier, and other fun attractions.

This postcard is a color-added rendering of the Florida state capitol building during sunset. The building is surrounded by trees.

This post card depicts people enjoying their day at the Sanlando Springs on a hot and sunny Florida day. people are both sun bathing, admiring the view, and swimming in this postcard.

This post card depicts the Silver Chapel in Fort McClellan, Alabama. The chapel is located in a forest and there is a sunset that is in the background.

This post card depicts a very large and beautiful Southern styled house that is surrounded by a beautiful garden that has very colorful and vibrant bushes on each of its sides

This post card shows an illustration of the Everglades Hotel from Bayfront Park in sunny Miami Florida. The illustration is shown on what looks like a hot South Florida day with clear skies. The postcard shows the iconic palm trees right at the front…
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