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Here we have the Westminster Abbey a gothic Catholic church. The size of the church is massive. The front entrance is very well displayed with huge pillars on each side and such fine detail from the cravings on the side to the top pillar points.

On the front side of this card we are looking at the National Art Gallery located in Washington D.C. The tone of this post card is sepia, we have majority of the card covered by a wide skyline with few clouds. Then the bottom half of the card is…

The main focus on this postcard is a large church, its labeled as a science church. The building itself is accumulated around an entire block. There are some thin trees lining the building as well as a nice blue skyline behind the church.

A sunset is setting in the middle of the card. Surrounding the sunset is the white cap mountains, above the sunset there are overcast clouds engulfing the rest of the sky. On the bottom there is the Great Salt Lake which is almost half illuminated by…

Two actors dress in Shakespearian garb gesture to their audience--an audience that entirely full.

An actor plays an older man, perhaps a soldier, that seems to be giving wise advice to a boy and another man less well-dress than himself. The boy and the man seems to be laughing.

This postcard simply shows a picture of an large old church with 3 visbile entrances and a bell tower. A carriage is seen off to the right.

This postcard shows a strange picture of two men, two women, and a baby all outside trying to force a giant turnip into a cellar. Around them are a bunch of other gigantic root vegetables like onions, turnips, and potatoes.

This postcard shows a black and white photo of the main building of the Western Kansas State Normal in Hays, Kansas. Small trees dot the large yard in front of the building.
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