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An important building in Washington D. C.

This image is very surreal and natural, it is a nice water color piece that portrays a Henry Ford buggy driving down a lane that leads into a park. There is ample lush forest beyond the gate and its stone arch. There is a large bushy tree on the left…

A very imposing and looming building is in the foreground. Before it are trees and luscious green bushes and grass. Set before the vegetation is a pond that is flanked on both sides by more growths. In the middle of the pond appears to be a small…

This postcard shows a woman peeling potato's. There are also large bags of potato's surrounding her. In the background a woman can be seen driving an army truck through the field.

This postcard shows a female soldier sleeping. She has her uniform hung up on the top of her bed and a chest is shown at the edge of the bed labeled WAC. There is also a female soldier in the window taking a walk.

This postcard depicts a group of female soldiers in uniform performing army drills. There is a building in the background with an American flag flying.

This postcard is divided into five mini sections. The first section contains a female going through a filing cabinet throwing papers around. The second frame shows a women typing vigorously on a typewriter. The next three panels show the women…

This postcard depicts both men and women in full army uniforms. There are two women sitting on a bench while the men pay all their attention to the female soldier. The two women in the benches seem jealous of the soldier.

A female soldier dressed in full army uniform is walking down a field. She is in a athletic position and her eyes are closed.
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