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An important building in Washington D. C.

Several families are walking down a busy thoroughfare. The main figures who stand out are a family of three. A delighted mother dressed all in red walks happily with her husband who pushes their baby in a stroller with an adorable blue tarp to…

A reprinted photograph of the Delivery Room in the Boston Public Library. An open space is shown with chairs and adorned with drapes.

A man dressed in blue robes stands with his hands raised. Two men stand behind him watching.

An illustration of the Florida State Monument.

A women's baseball league gathers together to take a team picture. A man is in the middle of them for the black and white photo with baseball gloves and bats around the front row of people.

Man and woman hold each other while standing by a car.

A black and white photo of a large crowd of people gathered in a field. Men are standing in the foreground, some of them in clothes that resemble baseball uniforms. Some people are sitting in the left background in what looks like bleachers. There is…

Two women of the Seminole Tribe in Florida stand with a girl between them. They are dressed in brightly colored skirts and loose-fitting shirts. One of the women has many different necklaces of different colors on, while the one behind her has fewer…
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