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Independence Hall stands behind a statue and a cluster of tall green trees.

The Ruby Diamond Concert Hall stands behind an ornate archway. The building is surrounded by trees and greenery with a single car driving out of the center archway.

A hand drawn port of Staten Island with a ferry entering from the sea. The island has many large buildings of many shapes and sizes.

Features a tall building with many floors and a unique geometric design.

This closer look at Cinderella's Castle in the evening allows you to see illuminated areas within. Almost bare tree branches frame the castle within the photo, giving the card a more haunted display opposed to the Disney original, Fantasyland.

On this postcard, a couple is depicted sitting on the ground of a farm with bails of hay all around them holding hands. The man is wearing a suit and gazing lovingly at the woman who is in a dress as she smiles at the camera. The card itself is in…

This post card depicts a light house that seems to be on a beach that is surrounded by what looks like a very small house, along with ta bridge on the left hand side

Park view of Cumberland Bridge at sunset.

Color-added photo of United Airlines passengers exiting planeside.
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