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In the center of the card sits a rather plump Christmas tree in a comically small container. The tree is decorated with ball ornaments, candles, and garland while underneath it there are a few presents. There are small perforations in the tree that,…

This Deland & Co. card portrays a young girl (Baby Lo) holding/promoting a small box of De Land & Co. Cheaf Soda while blushing and covering part of her face with her other hand.

Two girls are sleeping with a cat between them. When the card is held to the light, the image shows the three characters with their eyes open. The letters on the back also printed in reverse.

A man is sitting in a rocking chair and sleeping with a paper under his hands. It is captioned with "Hold to the light and see how his troubles disappear". When the card is held to the light, the man's eyes are open, and he is smiling. These words…

A sleeping child opens its eyes when this card is held to a light. A few musical bars sit below the portrait of the child. It is an advertisement for baby food.

A man in a tuxedo and top hat nervously moved forward. When put up to the light, the card shows a woman in a wedding dress with veil and bouquet idling tugging the man's arm.

This is an illustration of a groom in a suit with sweat dripping down…

Card features a sausage. When held to light, a woman cooking appears inside of it.

Card looks over Piccadilly Circus. Horse-and-carriages and people fill the street. When held to light, windows and moon illuminate.

On the front is an user added message from the sender to whoever she was sending to.

Card features Tudor-style house on a broad lane in what appears to be a forest. When held to light, windows and moon illuminate.
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