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A woman sits posing with a violin. She looks like she is playing the violin.

Scene overlooking a busy street in Boston with the Boston Public Library as the center focus. Among buildings to the right and left of the library is a bell tower and church to the right of the library.

The Ruby Diamond Concert Hall stands behind an ornate archway. The building is surrounded by trees and greenery with a single car driving out of the center archway.

Creme-colored card, illustration of a skyscraper

a creme-colored card that depicts the Boston Public Library. One can see that the photographer stood across the street to capture the photo. There is also a gothic style building to the right of the library.

Creme-colored card, sephia photo, old FSU campus. This postcard shows the original FSU campus that was open only to women throughout the early 1900's. One can see that the street the photo was taken on is Wescott and the fountain is visible with a…

A sepia-toned photograph of a building. There are several staircases leading up to the building, which has roman columns across the front. Another building is in the background with several stories of windows.

The image on this postcard depicts a room called the "Tap Room". In this room we see numerous chairs and tables and an assortment of bottles and containers along the wall.

In this postcard a sky view of Daytona Beach, Fla. the pier is visible in the picture along with cars and specs of people. To the right there are several buildings including what appears to be hotels close to the beach.
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