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A nice vista of the Disney castle with a fire truck laden with Disney-goers. There are people entering the castle to view the attraction. It's a clear-blue sky day.

A color image of a man witting at the gunner seat of a tank. This may be a training practice for combat in WW2.

An unknown building in Africa. The building looks very well kept and seems to be for the wealty.

An aerial view of the medical ward of Pine Camp. One can see the the owner of the postcard made some handwritten labels so that we may see what each buildings purpose is.

A ground-level view of the hospital in Pine Camp N.Y. The hospital rooms are made of wood and are painted in green and white.

An aerial color-added illustration of Pine Camp N.Y. This was a training site for tank units fighting in WW2.

An aerial view of Pine Camp N.Y. This was an area where soldiers would become knowledgable on tank warfare.

Creme-colored card, photo of a spring

Creme-colored card, illustration of New York City from the ferry.
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