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This postcard is a photograph of an underwater scene containing fish and a turtle. It is taken in Silver Springs Florida.

This postcard is an aerial photograph of the Miami Beach Skyline. In the photo presented you can see both the buildings that line the beach as well as the beach itself and inter coastal that surround the city, as well as the continuation of the city…

In this card, two cockatoos perch on an outstretched branch. The central Cockatoo holds their wing outstretched taking up much space against the blue sky background.

This postcard is a color added photograph of Bryan Hall on Florida State University's campus.

This postcard has a color photograph of macaws perched on a branch with a lush green background.

An overview of the Moccasin Bend from the Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The photo shows the landscape of the Moccasin Bend which include trees, mountains, and a river as the sun sets.

This postcard is a photograph of the Fort Lauderdale skyline. This card balances the sky and the buildings about halfway through the card and in the right middle of the page there is a glimpse of the ocean.

This postcard is a color-added image of the Custer State park. With it's lush landscape of green trees and rock formations and the winding road that cuts through the image it's a wonderful portrait of nature.

This card is a color added scene of Martha Washington's kitchen. This idealized portrait contains no people or animals but instead displays the furniture and objects that fill her kitchen.
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