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How Women Are Portrayed in Florida Postcards Over Time


This exhibit was created to showcase how the relationship between women depicted in early and current Florida postcards has evolved over time. To determine whether a change has occurred involving the depiction of women, this exhibit explores themes of gender, sexuality, and even race. These postcards were mainly created in the twentieth century, and are divided into two time periods, which include the earlier half of the century, ending around the late 1960s, and pick up from there, ultimately leading to the present day. Between each time period, the postcards were subdivided into two categories, which feature women at the beach and women in general, daily life. Both similarities and differences were drawn solely based on evidence taken from the image and text on the front of the postcard, as well as the textual descriptions on the back of each postcard.

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The Roots of African-American Stereotypes


In the late 19th century and early 20th century, African-Americans were emerging from slavery and finding their own places within the United States. However, negative stereotypes seemed even harder to shake than the shackles of slavery. These postcards show the different racist ways in which African-Americans were depicted in the past. It is my goal to show where the racist stereotypes of African-Americans came from and why they're still mentioned even to this day.

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