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Posting The Southern Thang: Representations of The South

PC-DS 2068_front.jpg

Duck Dynasty. Honey Boo-Boo. Paula Deen. Larry the Cable Guy. This list is just a small sampling of the current Who’s Who of the South. Once the butt of Jeff Foxworthy’s jokes, rednecks and redneck culture have seen a resurgence in recent history. This Redneck Renaissance, if you will, has re-framed the south as world-class purveyors of comfort food and enterprising duck call manufacturers. But not so long ago, people of the South were portrayed as dim-witted inbreeding trailer park residents, a negative portrayal that has a much richer history than the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. This exhibit attempts to show some of these representations, confronting the negativity and celebrating the culture of the South.

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Erasure of Slavery from George Washington's House

PC-GC 10-150_BACK.jpeg

History has depicted George Washington as America’s finest man. We are made to believe he was free from immoral behavior, most specifically in his use of slaves, due to the way his life is portrayed and supplemented through these postcards. It is the lack of presence that we wanted to focus on and how the erasing of people from these postcards is used as a method to cover up the truth of Washington's living arrangements.

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The Roots of African-American Stereotypes


In the late 19th century and early 20th century, African-Americans were emerging from slavery and finding their own places within the United States. However, negative stereotypes seemed even harder to shake than the shackles of slavery. These postcards show the different racist ways in which African-Americans were depicted in the past. It is my goal to show where the racist stereotypes of African-Americans came from and why they're still mentioned even to this day.

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