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The Many Appeals of Florida Greeting Cards


The greeting card has been around for centuries, and its purpose has communicated many messages through the sender-receiver process. When we ask ourselves why we feel the need to send greeting cards, we might be left with a few answers. Whether it is to share an experience with a loved one from a distant place or simply to say hello, greeting cards were, and still are, a popular and beloved medium of communication.


This exhibit explores the genre of the greeting card, and how it uses text and visual images to convey meanings about a specific place. In particular, its goal is to examine Florida postcards, and why certain images were chosen to greet the audience, or receivers, of these postcards. With a proper visual analysis, we will be able to better understand the relationship between Florida and why the greeting card is an appropriate medium for persuading receivers to believe certain claims about it.


For easy evaluation, I've organized the Florida greeting cards into several categories which represent the strongest and most influential appeals used to convince receivers into believing distinct ideas about Florida. The following categories include, but are not limited to: attractions, animals, nature, travel, and poetry. Using these greeting cards, we can make the argument that Florida’s goal is to persuade receivers to either visit Florida on vacation, or more extremely, to adopt their idea of how a person’s lifestyle should be by ultimately moving there.

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Hotels, Motels, Holiday Inns

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An examination of various lodges across the world and time

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Objectifying Women in Beach Postcards

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The postcard offers people a unique way to share significant moments with others, with the common intent being to capture the essence of a person, place, thing, idea or combination of the four and portray it through a single card. Whether depicted through real-life photography or composed illustration, the postcard always finds a way to successfully and appealingly represent. In many cases, the postcard communicates as a form of advertisement. This is especially true in the case of vacation postcards, which are used to not only share the experience an individual is having in a certain place but also to potentially attract future visitors. This type of advertising postcard will incorporate specific aspects in order to attract the audience in a special way.  This exhibit focuses on beach postcards in particular and aims to examine the role that women play in the crafting of these postcards. Women are both directly and indirectly used as objects in these postcards to attract people to the specific beach shown.

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Greetings from Hollywood, Fl


Anyone who grew up in a town with a beach and then moved to Tallahassee for college knows how devastating it is that the nearest beach in over an hour away. For someone like me, carless, that’s a bit of a problem. Going to the beach is an ordeal that I have to make a trip out of. Growing up in Hallandale Beach, Florida with the nearest beach a public bus ride away and my personal favorite, Hollywood Beach only two bus rides away. Hallandale Beach was too boring, there was no boardwalk and it's a beach known more for the amount of retired Canadians who go there. But Hollywood Beach has a classic boardwalk filled with restaurants, shops and clubs. I have fond memories of people yelling at me “get out of the bicycle lane!” when I accidentally strolled too far to the right. We would always end our trips eating at Rocco’s pizza.”  Being able to text my friends and say “hey wanna go to the beach” in high and school and all we had to do was grab a couple quarters from our parents and meet at our designated bus stop, the one very close to the 7-11 (another treasure that’s missing from Tallahassee), on Hallandale Beach Blvd, and waiting for the number six bus to come and take us to our destination.  Going to the beach at any time was  very possible and my friends and I have so many memories on the bus on our way to a great day at the beach. South Florida is known for their beautiful beaches, whether in Broward County or Miami-Dade, in South Florida you are never too far away from a beach. No wonder I came across so many greeting cards all about our beautiful beaches across South Florida, many of which I have had the personal pleasure of spending many hours on. In this exhibit we will explore my personal favorite, Hollywood Beach. 

Women in Postcards

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