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Food and Delicacies

PC-SS 397_front.jpg

There are many different themes that can be focused on throughout the perusal of the postcards on this site. From different locations and times in history- there are inherent changes, evolutions, similarities, and differences. One of the most interesting constants to follow in life and in history, though, is food. It can present very differently in appearance and taste as it caters to those that it is prepared and served for- and through the time capsuling that is provided by these postcards- we can see food throughout space and time that were thought notable to put on a postcard, which is the reason for compiling them here together now. 

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The Stratford Festival

PC-KF 2-78_front.jpg

In the city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, the Stratford Festival draws in actors from all walks of life excited to be a part an atmosphere thick with a passion for the theatre. People come during the festival to learn, to work, for experience, and be around other talented artists. People also come, of course, to enjoy the performances!