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Objectifying Women in Beach Postcards

PC-DS 1544_front.jpg

The postcard offers people a unique way to share significant moments with others, with the common intent being to capture the essence of a person, place, thing, idea or combination of the four and portray it through a single card. Whether depicted through real-life photography or composed illustration, the postcard always finds a way to successfully and appealingly represent. In many cases, the postcard communicates as a form of advertisement. This is especially true in the case of vacation postcards, which are used to not only share the experience an individual is having in a certain place but also to potentially attract future visitors. This type of advertising postcard will incorporate specific aspects in order to attract the audience in a special way.  This exhibit focuses on beach postcards in particular and aims to examine the role that women play in the crafting of these postcards. Women are both directly and indirectly used as objects in these postcards to attract people to the specific beach shown.

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