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Cathedrals as Monuments (3)

Dom und Denkmal Konig Friedrich Wilhelms III

As one can see below in the photo from just prior to WW II, the actual space in front of the cathedral is not as large as it may appear to be in the postcard.  The monumental status of the cathedral is therefore emphasized by the photographer's chosen perspective on the structure, as well as the inclusion of an actual monument to a former monarch in the image.

The postcard bearing this image of the Berlin Cathedral (Dom) and the Monument to King Frederick William III was printed in 1907.  The photographer captures the equestian statue of the king in the left foreground of the picture, thereby allowing the viewer to see both monumental structures simultaneously.  The cathedral faces the Lustgarten (Garden of Pleasure), from which the photograph is taken.  The palms and bushes in the right corner of the picture add another element of granduer to the image.

As a point of comparison, see the photo below, which shows the Lustagrten in front of the cathedral after it had been paved over by the Nazis during the war.

Cathedrals as Monuments
Cathedrals as Monuments (3)