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Cathedrals as Monuments (1)

Canturbury Cathedral, renowned as the destination of Chaucer's pilgrims in The Canturbury Tales and the site of Archbishop Thomas Becket's murder in 1170, remains historically relevant as the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who leads the Church of England and the international Anglican Communion.  In this image, the cathedral's southwest side is shown since it "is that first seen by visitors to the mother church of the Anglican Communion as they come through the Christ-church gateway," as the printed description on the card indicates.  The photographer emphasizes the cathedral's monumental status by including the surrounding buildings, which look small in comparison to the cathedral with its richly adorned, tall towers and seem to encircle rather than encroach on the church's space.  Likewise the size of the visitors approaching the cathedral suggest man's diminutive stature in relation to this grand, holy structure.

Cathedrals as Monuments
Cathedrals as Monuments (1)