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Cathedrals as Monuments (6)

Ruines de la Cathedrale de Saint-Pierre

In this image of the ruined cathedral, the focus is clearly the devastation to the city's physical and spiritual center.  The remnants of the cathedral are not shown in relation to other surrounding structures, instead they attest to the utter destruction that befell the inhabitants of Saint-Pierre.  Even the framing of the picture, which crops part of the cathedral on the left side, seems to suggest that the life of the church and its members was suddenly cut short.

In 1902, Mount Pelée erupted on the island of Martinique, totally destroying the city of Saint-Pierre.  The town, which was previosuly called "the little Paris of the West Indies," has only been partially rebuilt.  Its historical ruins and volcanological museum testify to the tragedy that killed 30,000 inhabitants within 3 minutes and left little of the cathedral standing. Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral, shown below, was reconstructed about 20 years after the eruption.

Cathedrals as Monuments
Cathedrals as Monuments (6)