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Religious Architecture

The architecture of this cathedral is of the Gothic inspiration, meant to lead upwards (Franz). This hold-to-light card provides illumination to various features of the image, including the church windows, the moon, and the stars. The combination of the lighting, as well as the Gothic features of the building imply that higher being is reached when one sees this structure, or better yet, is surrounded by the structure. It is as if the pointed architecture reaches out and grasps heavenly light to bring down upon believers and followers. Despite the fact that the Cathedral is placed against a dark backdrop, its tall structure dominates, and continues to share the light that believers seek.

Franz, Marcus. "St. Patrick's Cathedral New York." fordham.edu. 1997. Web. 22 July 2012. <http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/medny/stpat1.html>


Religious Architecture
Religious Architecture