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Religious Architecture

Notre-Dame de la Garde, located in Marseille, was intended to serve as a safe haven for followers of the church as well as anyone who sought its protection (marseille-province.info). Atop the structure and on the right is La Bonne Mére or the Virgin, a female guardian of the city (marseille-province.info). Just as in other images, the most noticeable portions of this religious building are pointing upwards. It is as if the protection that is lended to the city is affirming its power to followers; Virgin Mary is indeed the highest feature of the religious setting, claiming her power and connection for followers to everything beyond the existence we know. Noticeable in this image, a plane is hovering near by a little lower than the female icon herself. Is this an instance of measuring up to the power of a religious figure, or simply trying, but not quite getting there? On the back of this image itself, it is noted that this church can be seen from quite a distance, emphasizing the ever-reaching power and architectural structuring of the monument ("Notre-Dame...").


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Religious Architecture
Religious Architecture