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Religious Architecture

The church in this image has the basic orientation of any Christian building, in other words, a rising upwards. Christian architecture maintains a rise towards the heavens, and more specifically "towards the North Star" (Demetrescu, 2000, p. 29). This is important when it comes to a Christian building because the North Star is always visible, and so appears to represent the highest power, or God as we can see Him (Demetrescu, 2000). Does the blanket of snow in the image hinder the path to this gaze, or does it simply alter it? Snow is often viewed as mystical and magical, as we know from such Christmas classics as "Winter Wonderland." Thus, does the snow add power to the church architecture as it points upward? The back of the card may imply this, as it is a Christmas greeting ("Church in Snow").

Demetrescu, C. (2000). Symbols in sacred architecture and iconography. Journal of the Institute for Sacred Architecture3 (1),      28-31


Religious Architecture
Religious Architecture