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The Eiffel Tower in a Photograph

Paris - La Tour Eiffel

Paris - La Tour Eiffel 

In this post card, the Eiffel tower is shown as the main focal point in the picture. Cast against a plain and clear blue-sky background, the tower reflects its importance as a great landmark to the country. All of the surroundings featured in the post card consist of common and bland scenery that further allows the significance of the tower to be recognized. The perspective taken by the viewer is to gravitate toward the strongly featured Eiffel tower and grasp the understanding of its value. Something else to consider that influences the perspective of the viewer is what is known as the “visual path” that is used in photography to strengthen how the Eiffel tower is portrayed. The pathway of delicate flowers slowly leads the witness’s eyes up to the tower, which creates a greater pull of attraction toward the monument, as everything else in the picture becomes a much smaller detail. The setting of a beautiful spring day also produces a happy and cheerful emotion that the viewer engages in and associated with the Eiffel tower. Although all perspectives of the Eiffel tower differ by details and placement utilized, this particular post card provides the viewer with a delightful identification and social understanding of the Eiffel tower.

The Eiffel Tower as a Scenic Backdrop
The Eiffel Tower in a Photograph