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The Eiffel Tower as a Scenic Backdrop

Paris- La Tour Eiffel au pont Alexander III

Paris - La Tour Eiffel au pont Alexander III

This photo of the Eiffel Tower appears to have been painted or sketched, not photographed.  Moreover this painting features the bridge and river with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Featuring the river, boat, statues, and Eiffel Tower, the image portrays the city in a romantic manner; there is more scenery to admire than the Eiffel Tower alone. The color scheme would suggest that it was a season such as spring or summer where sunlight is present. The yellow and green tones to the right of the Tower as well as reflecting off of the water contrast to the left side - the tones fade to grey and dark blue. The brush strokes are intentional yet slightly muddled, giving the painting a more artistic and creative touch. Furthermore, given the picture is a painting and not a photograph perpetuates the perception of Paris as a romantic city. Paintings typically require more time, thought and effort than photographs. The post card reflects the work of the artist who created it.  This postcard alludes to the perception of the Eiffel Tower and Paris as a whole as a place that is worthy of being painted – that the artist’s view is so invaluable and precious that they took the time to recreate it in a time consuming and labor-requiring manner. On the other hand, the lack of skyline behind the Tower could suggest that it was created in a time before photography was prevalent. Even so, there is a level of intended perception when postcards are recreations of paintings when the technology of photography is accessible. 

The Eiffel Tower as a Scenic Backdrop
The Eiffel Tower as a Scenic Backdrop