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Oldest House Museum

Patriotism is not just limited to old artwork. In this postcard, a photo of the oldest house in Key West, Florida, very much exudes patriotism. The flag on the front porch says a lot about the house and its place in history.

The flag itself is a symbol of all things American, from the American Dream to the actual right of freedom. That is one of the first things that stuck out on this post card because of its juxtaposition against the almost all white house. This suggests that it is patriotic to visit the oldest house in Key West.

In addition to this, the patriotic use of the flag validates this house in Key West as a historical site, worthy for not only Florida’s history, but America’s history as well. It would be quite strange to visit a historical site without a flag. Therefore, it is no wonder that an American Flag has found a place there at the oldest house in Key West. The flag says that this has a place both presently and historically somewhere in the fabric of America, just as anyone suggests that they are part of America or uphold America with the personal use of the flag.