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Dear Flag of Our Country

When I first looked at this postcard, I immediately was drawn to the post mark. Finding the date of postage would help me understand what time period this card was sent during. I discovered that it was June of 1917. What was more interesting to me was that the stamp on this postcard was only one cent. If this was sent today, it would cost 45 cents. The large increase in stamp prices in the early 1900s was because of a change by a single penny was large compared to the cost of the stamp. The large jumps in the early 1900's were due to change by a single penny was large compared to the cost of the stamp. Even though this is true, the adjusted cost of the stamp has been relatively stable over the years. 

The bigger picture is what this postcard represents. It was sent during the time period of The Great War (1914-1918). This postcard was dated in June of 1917 which was just one month after the United States declared war on Germany. This card shows the strength and patriotism of the United States of America through this war by utilizing our most prominent symbol, the American flag. This flag symbolizes unity to all Americans, emphasizing that even through hard times. America will never surrender, always prevail. This is made very clear by the words on the bottom of the postcard: “Dear flag of our country, whose stars and whose bars call all her sons to defend her; God help us to be true to the red, white, and blue, her principles never surrender.”

Another key component of this postcard is the lady in a white dress waving the American flag. She most similarly resembles the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty stands on Ellis Island as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy just as the American flag stands for the United States as a government, nation and an ideology. I think that the lady wearing white was done on purpose, emphasizing purity and innocence that is represented on the American flag. In addition to this, it seems as if the lady is waving the flag to an audience. She has her left hand raised in mid-wave and her focus is looking to the horizon. She is standing on a high set of stairs, towering over the people. This represents the importance of the flag to the American people.