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American Troops in Parade

A little after a year of declaring war against Germany, and only days before one of the most important battles during World War I, American troops celebrated the Fourth of July on the streets of Paris.  The celebration might seem rather somber because of the timing of the event, however, there seems to be a sense of patriotism and excitement throughout carrying a fairly big flag and marching through the streets in what seems to be admiration and support from part of the population.

In front of the parading soldiers, the French crowd stares and fights to see the parade. There isn't necessarily much order within the crowd, which could be an expression of the excitement this particular crowd had on seeing American soldiers after so much fear of a fall of Paris.

As seen from the rather blurry postcard from World War 1, a conflict in which the French territory played an intrinsic part with many of the decisive battles happening on the east side of the country getting pretty close to Paris. The war had ravaged the country, and a break of any kind was surely welcomed from the population and the soldiers as they were getting ready for war.

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American Troops in Parade