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Visitor's Center

Kennedy Space Center offers tourists tours of NASA's landing and launching facilities, live shows, interactive simulators, live launches and even Q & A’s with astronauts. The center offers rates with deals for corporate, military, and international groups. The visitors center hosts special events throughout the year, which range from over-night camping to holiday-themed functions to launch events. The Kennedy Space Visitor’s Center offers tourists a unique chance to experience the world of a NASA astronaut. With the chance to talk to real live astronauts, view official launches, and tour the NASA facilities, the visitor’s center truly offers the ultimate NASA experience.  You can witness firsthand NASA’s research and progress; immerse yourself in deep space with an IMAX documentary. No matter what astronomical fix you are looking for, The Kennedy Space Center can satisfy that craving with a multitude of immersive possibilities.  The Kennedy Space Center is located right outside of Orlando and the park is open  from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

These photos provide an overhead view of the visitors center. Rhetorically, these images are informative visual tools for understanding and experiencing the layout of the visitors center.  With the aid of these visuals, a consumer connects the image of the location with the descriptions and events they have experienced, giving life and movement to the images.  The bird’s-eye perspective lends omnipotence and familiarity, encouraging future visits to the center.  The color quality and  and the fact that every building is captured gives these photos a sense of authenticity and credibility. This provides a comfort level and encourages a repeat visit.

Visitor's Center