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Lockheed Venture

The Lockheed Ventura was the follow-up model to the Hudson. Designed in order to carry a larger bomb cargo, the planes were cumbersome and ill-suited for warfare on the European front. The Lockheed Ventura saw very little action during WWII, due to its inability to produce low-altitude bombing raids. The planes flew 50 mph faster than the Hudson, but were also larger and more susceptible to anti-aircraft fire. The Royal Air Force used the planes for just two years ('42 and '43), after which the aircraft were modified into coastal patrol planes.

The Lockheed Venturas pictured here are flying in formation over a beautiful scenic vista. The image attempts to promote a plane which was highly unsuitable for war. The beautiful scenery here suggests a triumphant surge about to take place, when in reality the Venturas were often unfit to perform their tasks; often sent to airfields to be scrapped.

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Lockheed Venture