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Boeing Fortress II

The Boeing Fortress II, more commonly known as the B-17 Bomber, or Flying Fortress was created for the army in 1940 as a result of the need for a large, multiengine bomber that could carry a large amount of firepower over long distances. They were notorious as planes that "could take a beating" and "often limped back to their bases with large chunks of their fuselage shot off" (Boeing.com). The picture itself here features three undamaged Fortresses, though, flying in formation and serves to give the viewer a sense of perceived military prowess and capability. This was extremely important to the military at such an instable and chaotic time in human history: what better way to establish such a myth in the minds of the public than to showcase one of the biggest, toughest warplanes in your arsenal flying majestically through a clear, blue sky?

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Boeing Fortress II