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Marseille: Vue Generale

While this card does not in fact feature an airplane, it instead features an earlier air-transport machine: the blimp. The blimp, based on the title of the card (Vue Generale, or General View), is not intended to be the primary focus of the card. This lack of acknowledgement may suggest that by time this card was produced, blimps were so ubiquitous as to hardly merit observation. 

Another interesting perspective: this image, an aerial view of Marseille, can in a way be seen as breaking the third wall: featuring a blimp in the image leads the viewer to think about how this image was taken. Was it taken from another blimp, from an airplane? Or perhaps from a hill or mountain near the city. Therefore, this post card achieves a high level of transparency, which could translate to a sense of hyperrealism in this perspective of Marseilles. 

Commercial Planes
Marseille: Vue Generale