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Other Neoclassical Nods

While the town hall in Birmingham (top left image, bottom right in that image) is actually supposed to be a neo-classical nod to Roman architectural design (Foster 8-9), you can see the resemblance between this later style and the kind of design you see in the Parthenon. You will notice that the capitals are in the elaborate Corinthean style, not the simpler Doric capitals we see at the Parthenon. We do see a lot of Corinthian capitals in neo-classical work.

The Georgia Capitol in Atlanta sports a facade that is clearly neo-classical. It also has a dome, which was a common feature in antique architecture as well as Renaissance architecture. This particular dome resembles Brunelleschi's dome in Florence, which is considered an architectural marvel and work of innovate genius. 

Finally, the state capitol in Nashville also bears a facade that is neo-classical. Nashville, particularly, seems to have an affinity for neo-classical structures. 

Each of these buildings has a pivotal role in their respective communities. The Birmingham town hall is a used for town meetings and music and drama performances. The Georgia and Tennessee capitols are state seats of government. What does this tell us? What is the association here? There seems to be one between culture, community, and power, the same association that we acknowledge when we visit (or look at postcards of) places like the Athenian Acropolis.

Other Neoclassical Nods