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Stop: I'm Gonna Have to Kink-Shame You There

PC-DS 1302 Front.jpg

This exhibit aims its focus on different forms of sexuality that were prevalent in the Postcard collections, as well as in life. The first section of the exhibit is focused on Sexuality and Popular Culture. Some of these are outright examples of Pop Culture symbols; others are grouped here more on accord of the sort of themes they convey. Many of the themes are reminiscent of the sort of sexual humor we would expect of more present times. There are also an abundance of postcards with captions that are similar to the formatting used in modern day Memes. Many feature text panels on color blocks below and above the image, as well as the sort of one line humor that pop culture has established as a defining feature of Memes. 

It is also interesting to see the ways in which society embraces or denies sexality and romance throughout history, and the ways technology changes the expression thereof. The second segment of this exhibit focuses on romantic imagery that would be considered obscene for some audiences. 

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