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Road Trip for the Ghouls

PC-DS2055_front 001.jpg

     Whether you believe in monsters, vampires, or witches, it's mighty difficult to deny the existance of ghostly energies that remain on this earth way after a person's death. As with everything, there are skeptics that believe these energies, which we call ghost, even exist. This exhibit, which simultaneously serves as an informative travel guide, will offer readers a look at some of the most haunted cities in the United States. This "Road Trip for the Ghouls" is for every horror enthusiast who enjoys getting chills down their spine and experiencing the paranormal.

     My interest in the paranormal began when I was a young boy growing up in York, Pennsylvania. Growing up as a Hispanic American, there was no shortage of ghost stories passed down through generations. My family always saw ghost stories as the go-to for conversations, and although they were extremely scary, I was drawn to them. It wasn't until I was six years old that I encountered my first paranormal experience. I was in the kitchen at my father's house, my sister was in the bathroom, and my father was upstairs in his bedroom. I still remember 'til this day what I saw. I walked into the pantry to fetch a snack, but I was met with a tall blonde woman dressed in white. Of course I started screaming and running, but that experience opened my eyes to things that can sometimes not be explained. Although I was left in a state of paranoia, I was still drawn to my experience and I've been obsessed with horror movies, ghost tours, and haunted cities ever since.

    According to the Travel Channel, these five cities are some of the most haunted in the United States. In no particular order, Salem, Massachusetts, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C, Savannah, Georgia, St. Augustine, Florida.

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