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Translating Japan

PC-GC 7-1014 Front.jpg

This collection starts with a personal story. After graduating from my master's program, I decided to get as far away from my home state of Michigan as I possibly could. My work in writing centers, especially with ESL students from Asia, prompted me to apply for positions that would not perfectly emulate their experiences as study abroad students in America, but would parallel that experience in ways that would be useful to my future writing center experiences. In my experiences there, I found that I had to translate the language, the culture, and the experience, sometimes for myself, sometimes for those I shared my experiences with.

I spent two years teaching in Nara, Japan, where all of the cards in this collection originate from. Because five of these cards were sent by a single person, I have grouped them together on a single page. Despite one of them portraying Nara, the remaining four cards have been placed on a separate page. In exploring these cards, I hope to examine not only some of the varying uses of cards in terms of the sender, but also some of the linguistic issues encountered in translation that can be explored through them.

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