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"To Infinity and Beyond!"

PC-DS 1936_front.jpg

NASA was founded fisty-seven years ago in the year 1958. It was intented to propel the United-States into the far reaches of space, spurned by a race against Russia fueled by war.  Beyond that, the organization ran with the idea of propelling human imagination, as well as exploration beyond the span of the Earth.  It is paramount to understand that without the Space program, all technological advancements that have existed within the turn of the century and further back, would not have been possible.  Arguably, that tennant of importance has lost a large portion of the population.  

Beyond the foundational aspect of advancing human understanding, NASA also played a big role in regards to the advancement of African-Americans.  This advancement not only existed within the realm of the sciences, but also an advancement in cultural and social progression.  During a time when segregation existed, NASA was one of the organizations which propelled the hopes and dreams of the African-American community.  

Is it not interesting that such history is lost on so many?  All of the media coverage and celebrated aspects of the organization revolve around the appearance of the white male astronaut.  This is not necessarily a fault of NASA, as they have published an article solely showcasing their African-American astronauts.  Consider that as it stands, American culture, and furthermore pop-culture, was founded on the presence and success of the white male.  It's not a wonder then, that NASA's success in conveying their rich history towards supporting diversity is minimally understood.  

This exhibit was created to gain insight into the vision that NASA, in hand with the American public, has forged itself.  The following postcards all convey some sort of insight into the ideology that NASA aims to create, but also what they are oddly leaving behind in the process.  

Edited by: KS