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Where Dreams Come True


This exhibit focuses on Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Take this journey exploring it's past and present, along with interesting looks at Disney's Cinderella Castle and Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters through postcards.

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The Many Faces of Walt Disney

PC_GC 2-6_front.jpg

Walt Disney is known globally for his work in the world of animation. As a pioneer in the industry, his work beginning in the 1900's continues to be a marvel to the present day viewer. 

Working with 2-D, 3-D, and live action productions, Disney's legacy is also found physically through its immensley popular theme parks located across the globe (Hong Kong, France, Japan, Florida, etc). 

With fairytales, princesses, and a general hold on all things imaginative, Disney lives on in the hearts adults and children everywhere. 

This exhibit chooses to focus on the man behind the scenes of the extraordinary mouse we've all grown to know.

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