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Ciao Bella: Greetings From Italy


Home of the Ancient Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and of course, pizza and pasta, Italy has held lasting influence over the rest of the world since the dawn of history. The Italians have brought us incredible architecture and monuments, art, science, literature, fashion, and cuisine, not to mention some of the most recognizable cities on Earth. Italian cities and culture are widely studied in classrooms and featured on film and television and, therefore, are recognizable to almost everyone.

Needless to say, the country's tourism industry has virtually always been booming with people visiting from all over the globe. Naturally, sharing a piece of their experience with their friends and loved ones is all part of the trip.

This exhibit presents a selection of postcards depicting images of Italy from within the last century. While the historic locations on these cards can still be viewed today and many look nearly identical, the numbers of visitors have grown exponentially and the environment and infrastructure that surround them are ever-changing.

This exhibit provides a glimpse of how travelers from decades past viewed and communicated about famous Italian landmarks.