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I Made That Place Famous: Celebrity Homes and Residences

PC-DS 2019_Front.jpeg

This exhibit holds various postcards that depict the homes and birthplaces of celebrities, whether they are singers, actors, or politicians. I decided to construct my exhibit around this theme because it highlights society’s obsession with celebrities. Today, American society constantly stalks celebrities and it is interesting to see that this was also true decades ago. What is the reasoning behind this? I think the answers lies in our lack of royalty. Without a royal bloodline to obsess over America uses celebrities and famous persons as royalty. It could also be that these people provide a glimpse into a lavish lifestyle or the ultimate American dream. Perhaps seeing where these people originated from makes them more human and the level of their success more attainable.


The popular interest in celebrity homes comments on the common person's interest in sense of place. Each person has their own way of viewing a sense of place. Some may view it as characteristics that foster a sense of human attachment and belonging to a place. Some people may see it as a feeling held by people and not the actual place. When viewing these postcards I think the most appropriate definition would be characteristics that make a place special or unique. In the case of these postcards, the characteristics that make the place special or unique is that they are the homes of celebrities.


What makes these images so desirable? Is it because the houses themselves are marvelous? Do we like looking at these images because it adds to the celebrity’s narrative? Would these places be interesting if they weren’t attached to celebrities? There might not be definite answers to these questions, but we can keep them in mind as we examine each postcard. 

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