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The Many Appeals of Florida Greeting Cards


The greeting card has been around for centuries, and its purpose has communicated many messages through the sender-receiver process. When we ask ourselves why we feel the need to send greeting cards, we might be left with a few answers. Whether it is to share an experience with a loved one from a distant place or simply to say hello, greeting cards were, and still are, a popular and beloved medium of communication.


This exhibit explores the genre of the greeting card, and how it uses text and visual images to convey meanings about a specific place. In particular, its goal is to examine Florida postcards, and why certain images were chosen to greet the audience, or receivers, of these postcards. With a proper visual analysis, we will be able to better understand the relationship between Florida and why the greeting card is an appropriate medium for persuading receivers to believe certain claims about it.


For easy evaluation, I've organized the Florida greeting cards into several categories which represent the strongest and most influential appeals used to convince receivers into believing distinct ideas about Florida. The following categories include, but are not limited to: attractions, animals, nature, travel, and poetry. Using these greeting cards, we can make the argument that Florida’s goal is to persuade receivers to either visit Florida on vacation, or more extremely, to adopt their idea of how a person’s lifestyle should be by ultimately moving there.

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How Women Are Portrayed in Florida Postcards Over Time


This exhibit was created to showcase how the relationship between women depicted in early and current Florida postcards has evolved over time. To determine whether a change has occurred involving the depiction of women, this exhibit explores themes of gender, sexuality, and even race. These postcards were mainly created in the twentieth century, and are divided into two time periods, which include the earlier half of the century, ending around the late 1960s, and pick up from there, ultimately leading to the present day. Between each time period, the postcards were subdivided into two categories, which feature women at the beach and women in general, daily life. Both similarities and differences were drawn solely based on evidence taken from the image and text on the front of the postcard, as well as the textual descriptions on the back of each postcard.

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PC-SS 584_front.jpg

This exhibit showcases a collection of postcards of different stadiums throughout the United States.  These stadiums range from race tracks to municipial stadiums.  At one time they were all popular venues for sporting events.


Edited by: KS

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Traveling in Secret


Growing up in a strict, over-protective family doesn't leave much room for adventure, exploration, or spontaneity. I would have to be home by 10:00 pm every night, and I could only travel about an hour away from home in each direction (and only to places my parents were familiar with of course). Late night, spontaneous hanging out with friends was out of the question because it would be too last minute for my parents to have time to mull it over and be okay with it.

Since coming to Florida State University two years ago, five hours away from home, I have traveled to, or through, 8 states and have made countless priceless memories. I have been to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and parts of Florida entirely without my parents' knowledge. Traveling allows a person to not only discover new places but also discover new parts of themselves. It opens up the mind to new sights, new challenges, and new experiences that shape the way a person identifies themselves. Through my adventures, I have formed deeper connections with people than I would have by just occasionally spending time with them (spending seven hours in a car with other people forces a person to talk about some really interesting stuff). As the famous writer Ray Bradbury puts it, "Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories”.  

This exhibit focuses on the places I went that have a special memory associated with it. Postcards have always been a symbol of travel. They are bought by those who find meaning in those places and want to be reminded of the memories made whether they be good, bad, funny, beautiful, or ugly. Postcards are meant to be shared so as to inspire others to travel. Each card in this exhibit tells a story that reveals more about the places I went and the connections I made there.  

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Bridges in Florida

PC-TM 52_front.jpg

A overview of significant bridges that connect the state of Florida.

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Touring the Beaches of Florida

PC-DS 1636_front.jpeg

Here you will see photos of different beaches around the State of Florida and how they are portrayed differently. 

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