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A Game of Word Play



Word play, or also known as “paronomasia,” is essentially the manipulation of meaning with the use of words. In this exhibit, we will discuss various types of word play. We will also see the images and captions working together to manipulate meaning, for the intended meaning would not work in the way the sender wanted it to be received, if the phrase or image stood alone

There are different types of word play, such as personification and alliteration. In some of these cards, we will be able to identify some of those word play types. The postcards in this exhibit show how text and image work together to create a clear understanding of the intended message. The postcards in this exhibit will also show us how often a message can be manipulated in various ways using word play.

The manipulation of language is much more common than we think, and it can be done while standing alone, paired with an image, or with the play of words in it of itself.  


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