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Modern Art Inspired Postcards

PC-TM 209_front.jpg

Many of the postcards in this archive feature sexist or racist "humorous" images, tourism, and nature themes, but a few present themselves in a completely modern way. By utlizing qualities of minimalistic and contemporary art forms, four postcards in this collection stand out in a new and inventive way.

Modern art can be traced to the Industrial Revolution. With the vast movement of a mostly rural America to urban centers, more human contact became a source of inspiration for artists who began focusing on people and places.

Art took a more impressionistic turn when scientific ideas around the  subconscious mind and the meaning of dreams gained popularity. Most prominent artists of the 1900's experimented with colors, styles, and the traditional idea of art. The 1900's also provided tons of topics for artists to gain inspiration from, including both World Wars, the Spanish Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement to name a few.

This can be seen in the surrealist movements of prevalent artists like Salvador Dali

the abstract movements featuring renowned Jackson Polluck

and the expressionist work of German painter, Ludwig Meidner. 

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