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Mountainous Adventures

PC-TM 123_front.jpg

The United States is home to a plethora of mountains. Some are well known, like the Rockies or the Smokies, while others are only locally famous. No matter how famous, though, the variety of difficulty, climate, sights, and wildlife is a beauty that attracts travelers of all kinds, whether they are seeking a thrilling challenge or a tranquil getaway. The postcards in this exhibit display this variety in a clear attempt to draw in visitors. Most of them, however, present the mountains as a glorious, almost Edenic, world completely seperated from the buzz and stress of everyday life.

While this is an excellent marketing technique, there are several details that must be thought through in advance in order to have an enjoyable experience in the mountains. In this exhibit, I aim to shed light on the less glamorous, but equally important, aspects of taking a trip to the mountains.

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