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Corridas de toros


This exhibit will act as a means for visitors to delve deeper into the traditionally Hispanic sport of, Bull fighting. This exhibit will utilize the images depicted in multiple postcards to paint a picture of the thrills and atrocities that have been neatly seamed together to create a show that is known throughout the world. This exhibit has a mixture of illustrations and photographs all of which work to tell this magnificent story.



 Bull fighting became a sport in the 12th century C.E. The sport being inspired by the hunting practices of royal citizens and knights, eventually becoming a sport for the real citizens of Spain after the appeal to royal courts outweighed the excitments found in bullfighting. Thus, the plebians took up the sport and made it into the massively controversial sport that it is today, being practiced in almost every major hispanic culture.

The bouts between the bull (beast) and the matador (man), have been described as a elegant dance in which man struts their superior intellect and agility in opposition to the brute strength of the bull. The battle is broken into three rounds as a means to give the audience a decent show in which they would not soon forget, it is a test of both the courage of the matador and the bull. The goal is not to murder a defenseless animal. but instead to try and best a brave beast by fighting it to the death. Though the sides are weighed in the matadors favor the chances of a casuallity taken place on eithier side of the fence is put up for gamble with each match. Though suprisingly, very few people have died as due to a bull attack, while on the other hand, unless the bull has shown tremendous amount of courage and survives the on slaught of attacks, the bull is usually stabbed to death and skinned (at times alive).

Due to this vicious means of sporting, as you can imagine, bullfighting is met with a lot of opposition from around the world. Since the 12th century, outsiders to the sport have bore witness to the cruel nature of the sport and have tried to quell its popularity and force the culture that surrounds it into extinction. Never the less, as much opposition has faced it in the last century, the show has continued to go on...

So as the fighters strut into the middle of the arena in their traditional garments, the equestrians guide their robed horses and the band begins to sound off, I implore you to sit back relax and prepare yourself for a questionably exhilarating show!