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The image is an illustration of shrubbery and foliage in a forest.

This postcard displays an array of tree shrubs, leaves, and colorful flowers, that all had undergone a form of tree shaping in order to collectively form an upside-down U-shaped…

The postcard features two sand dollars at both corners of the card and includes several facts about the sand dollar.

This postcard displays an illustrative /poetic text overlaying a bright red background. The text appears to be written on an…

Bigfoot is pictured in the postcard's illustration, walking away from the focal point, and towards the full moon in the left corner. Mount St. Helens is pictured in the background while Bigfoot's large footsteps are in the foreground.


The photograph captures Oregon's coast at Cape Foulweather.

- This Postcard shows a bright, beautiful, and secluded view of the ocean overlooking a cliff. The ocean tides appear to be mild judging by the low height and impact of the waves as they…

Four different cars are displayed on the card, each filling their own panel across the top. This saved space for the single long car displayed in the lower half of the image. Two men stand by the long car and two illustrated racing flags lie in the…